Award details

Award date: 2008

Awardee: Teel

Prof. Teel was a plenary speaker at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control in Cancun, Mexico. His plenary lecture, titled "Hybrid Dynamical Systems and Robust Feedback Control," emphasized a dynamical systems approach to hybrid systems. It described a modeling framework and a set of structural properties under which the dynamic behavior of a hybrid system was robust. Here, robustness means that small perturbations to the system lead to correspondingly small changes in the qualitative behavior of the system. Andy showed that the properties that yield robustness also confer to hybrid systems many classical stability analysis tools from continuous-time and discrete-time nonlinear systems. These and other hybrid-specific tools serve as the genesis for several hybrid feedback control algorithms. A selection of analysis tools and control algorithms were presented to illustrate recent advances in the field of hybrid systems.