The Mohammed Dahleh Symposium

February 08, 2002, Engineering II Pavilion

Various speakers


This symposium is dedicated to the memory of Mohammed Dahleh who was a professor of Dynamics and Control in the Department of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering at UC Santa Barbara, had wide-ranging interests spanning many scientific and literary disciplines. True to Mohammed Dahleh’s intellectual legacy, this symposium will include the participation of researchers from a broad range of disciplines, working at the interface between these disciplines and Dynamics and Control theory. Many of the presentations will focus on new emerging research areas of key significance. These include the areas of systems biology, quantum feedback and control, fluid dynamics, and control applications in nanotechnology. Presentation will focus on new research directions where control and dynamics play a central role. The symposium will create an opportunity where dynamics and control researchers are brought together with leading researchers in other disciplines, providing an avenue where new research collaboration can be forged.

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