Scheduling Variable Field-of-View Sensors for Tracking Multiple Objects

November 02, 2018, Webb 1100

Joao Cabrera

BAE Systems, FAST Labs, Technology Solutions


We propose the field-of-view of a sensor as a parameter to be controlled in real time to improve tracking performance. In contrast to earlier contributions, we take into account the measurement origin uncertainty in selecting the on-line sensor schedule. Two objects and two viewing modes are considered. The trace of the sum of approximations to the predicted covariances of the objects are used to select the mode at each instant of time; these approximations take into account the probability of target detection and the probability of false alarm. Simulations illustrate the superiority of the policy in comparison with fixed policies.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Joao B. D. Cabrera is currently a Senior Principal Scientist with BAE Systems, FAST Labs in Burlington. MA. He is with BAE Systems since 2008, and with the security and defense industry since 1996. At BAE Systems, he has served as the Principal Investigator or Subject Matter Expert on multiple Department of Defense projects in Sensor Resource Management, Target Tracking, Data Fusion, Mission Planning and Machine Learning. He received his Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science from Yale University in May 1997. Dr. Cabrera has over 40 peer-reviewed publications in Control Theory, Statistics, Machine Learning and their applications to security and defense problems. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE.