Success and Significance

October 11, 2019, Webb 1100

Christopher McPherson

Central Valley, Project Manager in Leadership Department


Will we climb the ladder of success to find that we are leaning against the wrong wall? This lecture focuses on WHY and what we are called to accomplish. Investing our time wisely gets sidetracked because we often spend much of it for the urgent and not on the important. Long-term significance verses short-term success is about what we give our lives to. Ultimately, significance is what we leave IN people (value) more than what we leave TO them (tasks). Pursuing significance means finding our values and purpose. What I do doesn’t determine who I am but who I am determines my what and how. Pursuing a successful career that brings significance to others brings fulfillment to our purpose. In order to look forward, we must also examine anything that may be holding us back. Past failures can hold us back from living a life of significance if we don't identify them and use that experience to move us forward. In this lecture, participants will be challenged to ask themselves are they thriving or just surviving. Why or why not?

Speaker's Bio

Chris McPherson has worked for Walt Disney Company for fifteen-years as a Cast Member. He currently holds a position as Project Management focusing on leadership development for all levels of Cast Members at the Disneyland Resort. Chris graduated from California State University Stanislaus in Theatre and became a Creative Arts Director in the Central Valley leading dance teams, choirs and musical productions. Prior to Disney, He has produced large events over the years including the Desert Storm homecoming at Camp Pendleton, the Battle of Midway Celebration on the USS Constellation and performing arts camps in Europe and the US. During his years at Disney, Chris has managed the daily entertainment such as parades, fireworks, stage shows and education experiences for students throughout the park. Along with his in-park management experience, Chris has facilitated for the Disney Institution where he taught Disney philosophies in Guest Services, Creativity and Leadership to outside business leaders. Recently, Chris moved to part time at Disney and relocated to the Central Valley to be with family. When not at Disney, his heart is to coach leaders and open doors to go beyond the walls of the Magic Kingdom and influence people in school districts, universities, government agencies and non-profit organizations.