Chaohong Cai, former graduate student

I am currently holding a R&D position at Pratt & Whitney. My CCDC experience has provided a solid background and necessary analytic skills for performing my daily work.

Diane Dai, former graduate student

One of my fondest memories from school is the series of seminar offer by CCDC, every Friday afternoon. The seminar provides a common forum for researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest and advanced findings, ideas, developments and applications in the broader area of control engineering, dynamic systems, and computation.

Santosh Devasia, former graduate student

The activities promoted by the Center for Control, Dynamical Systems and Computation (CCDC) played a key role in my desire to pursue a career in academia. For example, the seminar series gave me broad perspective and made me excited about the different applications --- this was very helpful in building up a research program in my academic career.

Miroslav Krstic, former graduate student

Petar Kokotovic's inspiring mentorship led me to two best paper awards, the UCSB Best Dissertation Award, and our joint book that has since become a classic - all in a little over three years.

Chris Mayhew, former graduate student

My immediate research group at Bosch, being comprised of several control engineers, is definitely aware of the high-quality program within CCDC, so they actively recruit there with targeted info sessions - that's a foot in the door already. Of course, having taken a breadth of courses taught by leaders in the field doesn't hurt either.

Payam Naghshtabrizi, former graduate student

Under the guidance of my Supervisor, Joao Hespanha, I wrote a paper that became a valuable resource for researchers interested in Networked Control Systems. This paper has been referenced more than 600 times in less than 4 years.

James Riehl, former graduate student

The curriculum is excellent. The coursework gave me a very broad background in control theory and applications taught by some of the most accomplished professors in their respective fields, which provided the groundwork for me to perform innovative research towards my dissertation.

Ricardo Sanfelice, former graduate student

Having worked under some of the best control professors in the field, I was challenged to work on relevant problems and produce high-quality research. That work environment has thus encouraged me to strive for similar ideals at my current university. My fondest memories while at the CCDC include the time working on a new framework for hybrid systems, leading to more than 50 publications, including a book and a tutorial article on the subject, which, in particular, I believe will be a useful resource to newcomers to the field.