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November 14, 2017

Exceptionally Fine-Tuned

The 2017 ShanghaiRanking places UCSB at No. 3 in the world in the field of automation and control
By Sonia Fernandez

With smart homes, self-driving cars and other technology making the world an ever more automated place, state-of-the-art automation and control has become essential. And UC Santa Barbara is among those leading the way.

Wall Imaging
June 10, 2017

UCSB researchers propose a new method for 3D through-wall imaging that utilizes drones and WiFi

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara professor Yasamin Mostofi’s lab have given the first demonstration of three-dimensional imaging of objects through walls using ordinary wireless signal. The technique, which involves two drones working in tandem, could have a variety of applications, such as emergency search-and-rescue, archaeological discovery and structural monitoring.

May 18, 2017

The Center for Control, Dynamical-Systems and Computation proudly hosted guest Fabio Fagnani, Professor of Mathematical Analysis from DISMA Politecnico di Torino, as the 2017 Petar Kokotović Distingished Visiting Professor. Prof. Fagnani visited the Center during the weeks of Monday May 8th and Monday May 15th. He delivered a four-part mini-course on his research and educational work entitled “Centrality, Influence, Consensus and Polarization in Network Models.”

June 20, 2015

Paired against 22 other robots in the DARPA Robotics Challenge, RoboSimian took fifth place and was one of only two robots to not require human intervention during the course. Each robot is put through a series of tasks, including driving a vehicle through a slalom course, cutting a hole in a half-inch-thick panel of drywall using a cordless power drill, and walking up a set of stairs. DARPA officials, to better simulate the disorientation of a true disaster situation, also incorporated surprise obstacles and tasks each day. The contest is designed to simulate a “rescue scenario” in which robot are used because the environment is too hazardous for human intervention. This challenge comes as a result of the hazardous conditions and devastation to Tohoku, Japan after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.