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Conference Paper
Rahimi AM, Manjunath B.S, Ruschel R.  2016.  UAV Sensor Fusion with Latent-Dynamic Conditional Random Fields in Coronal Plane Estimation. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. :4527-4534.
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Karthikeyan S., Williams D, Jiang M, Delibaltov D, Manjunath B.S, Gaur U.  2012.  UNIFIED PROBABILISTIC FRAMEWORK FOR SIMULTANEOUS DETECTION AND TRACKING OF MULTIPLE OBJECTS WITH APPLICATION TO BIO-IMAGE SEQUENCES. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing ICIP. :1349-1352.
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Boucheron LE, Harvey NR, Manjunath B.S.  2010.  USE OF IMPERFECTLY SEGMENTED NUCLEI IN THE CLASSIFICATION OF HISTOPATHOLOGY IMAGES OF BREAST CANCER. International Conference on Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing ICASSP. :666-669.
A Abbadi E, Stanoi I, Argawal D.  1998.  Using broadcast primitives in replicated databases. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING SYSTEMS - PROCEEDINGS. :148-155.
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Oropeza-Ramos L, Turner KL, Burgner CB.  2010.  USING PARAMETRIC RESONANCE TO IMPROVE MICRO GYRSOCOPE ROBUSTNESS. NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B-Physics and Biophysics. :299-+.
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Teel AR, Wodarz D, Zurakowski R.  2004.  Utilizing alternate target cells in treating HIV infection through scheduled treatment interruptions. Proceedings of the American Control Conference. :946-951.
Journal Article
Wang X, Simons S.  2015.  Ubiquitous Subdifferentials, r(L)-density and Maximal Monotonicity. SET-VALUED AND VARIATIONAL ANALYSIS. 23:631-642.
Meinhart C, Mezic I, Cardonne C, Bottausci F.  2007.  An ultrashort mixing length micromixer: The shear superposition micromixer. LAB ON A CHIP. 7:396-398.