2004a Winter

Date, location Seminar Series Videos
CCDC Seminar Series Jeff Shamma, Multiagent Repeated Games and Convergence to Nash Equilibria
CCDC Seminar Series Morrison Lucas, Current Logic Control Design Practices in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry
CCDC Seminar Series Jeff Moehlis, The Response Dynamics of Neural Oscillator Populations
CCDC Seminar Series Pedro Aguiar, Nonlinear Motion Control of Autonomous Vehicles
CCDC Seminar Series Rafal Goebel, Stabilizing a Linear System with Saturation Through a Linear-Convex Regulator
02/20/04 3:30pm, Engineering II Pavilion Mohammed Dahleh Distinguished Lecture Arun Majumdar, Transport and Mechanics in Hard and Soft Nanomaterials
CCDC Seminar Series Michael Henson, Distribution Control of Particulate Systems
CCDC Seminar Series Murti Salapaka, High Resolution, High Bandwidth Nano-Interrogation Tools
CCDC Seminar Series Claire Tomlin, Using Mathematical Modeling to Help Decode Biological Circuits
CCDC Seminar Series Vijay Vittal, Let There Be Light: An Overview of the August 14, 2003 North East Blackout

2003d Fall

Date, location Seminar Series Videos
CCDC Seminar Series Faryar Jabbari, A Class of Scheduled Controllers for Systems with Actuator Constraints
CCDC Seminar Series Jean Carlson, Are Forest Fires HOT?
CCDC Seminar Series Benjamin Shapiro, Flow Control Inside Micro-Fluidic Systems: Modeling, Sensing, and Feedback Control Design
10/31/03 8:30am, University of California, Los Angeles Southern California Control Workshop Various speakers, 7th Southern California Nonlinear Control Workshop, USC, October 2003
CCDC Seminar Series Sanjoy Mitter, Information Flow and Entropy Production in the Kalman Filter
CCDC Seminar Series Jan Willems, The Behavioral Approach to Systems and Control
CCDC Seminar Series Rodolphe Sepulchre, Dissipativity and Feedback Mechanisms for Oscillations

2003c Summer

Date, location Seminar Series Videos
CCDC Seminar Series Thor Fossen, Nonlinear Control of Underactuated Marine Craft

2003b Spring

Date, location Seminar Series Videos
CCDC Seminar Series Murat Arcak, Exploiting Nonlinearities for Observer and Output-Feedback Design
CCDC Seminar Series Arthur Bryson, Some Examples of Optimal Control