2003b Spring

Date, location Seminar Series Videos
CCDC Seminar Series Murat Arcak, Exploiting Nonlinearities for Observer and Output-Feedback Design
CCDC Seminar Series Arthur Bryson, Some Examples of Optimal Control
CCDC Seminar Series Petar Kokotovic, Living with Unstable Zero Dynamics: The Story of Feedback Limitations
CCDC Student Seminar Mihailo Jovanovic, Input-Output Analysis of the Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations
CCDC Seminar Series Andrew Teel, Discrete Time Receding Horizon Optimal Control: Is the Stability Robust?
05/09/03 8:30am, University of California, San Diego Southern California Control Workshop Various speakers, 6th Southern California Nonlinear Control Workshop, UC San Diego, May 2003
CCDC Seminar Series Rafal Goebel, Duality in Infinite Horizon Optimal Control
CCDC Seminar Series Petros Voulgaris, An Input-Output Convex Approach to Structured and Distributed Control Synthesis
CCDC Seminar Series Randal Beard, A Constructive Parameterization of Inverse Optimal Universal Formulas
CCDC Seminar Series D. Hrovat, Automotive Control Systems and Related Developments

2003a Winter

Date, location Seminar Series Videos
CCDC Seminar Series Ron Cubalchini, Mode Control via State Machine
CCDC Seminar Series Stephen Boyd, Advances in Convex Optimization: Interior-point Methods, Cone Programming, and Applications
CCDC Student Seminar Gene Grimm, Constructive Solutions to the Anti-Windup Problem
CCDC Student Seminar Ryan Zurakowski, Exploiting Immune Response Dynamics in HIV Therapy
CCDC Seminar Series Dusan Stipanovic, Overlapping Decentralized Approach to Control and Optimization of Complex Systems
CCDC Seminar Series Benjamin Shapiro, Micro-Fluidic Modeling & Flow Control
CCDC Seminar Series Arthur Krener, The Local Convergence of the Extended Kalman Filter and the Global Convergence of the Minimum Energy Estimator
CCDC Seminar Series Joe Chow, Power System Control Using FACTS Controllers
02/26/03 4:00pm, Engineering II Pavilion Mohammed Dahleh Distinguished Lecture Hideo Mabuchi, Identification and Control in Quantum Optics
CCDC Seminar Series Bruce Krogh, An Assume-Guarantee Strategy for Distributed Model Predictive Control