2007b Spring

Number Name Instructor
ME203 Nonlinear Mechanics Mezic

2007a Winter

Number Name Instructor
ChE152B Process Dynamics and Control II Seborg
ECE130B Signal Analysis and Processing Chandrasekaran
ECE147B Digital Control Systems--Theory and Design Teel
ECE230B,ME243B Linear Systems II Hespanha
ECE236,ME236 Nonlinear Control Systems Kokotovic
ME155B Control Systems Design II Paden
ME163 Engineering Mechanics: Vibrations Mezic
ME215B Applied Dynamical Systems II Moehlis
ME225AQ Stochastic Modeling and Control (Special Topics) Astrom

2006d Fall

Number Name Instructor
ChE152A Process Dynamics and Control I Seborg
CS211B,Math206B,ME210B,ChE211B,ECE210B Matrix Analysis and Computation Smith
ECE141A,ME141A Introduction to MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) Macdonald
ECE147A Feedback Control Systems: Theory and Design Teel
ECE230A,ME243A Linear Systems I Hespanha
ME104 Sensors, Actuators and Computer Interfacing Paden
ME155A Control Systems Design II Bullo
ME201 Advanced Dynamics I Mezic
ME215A Applied Dynamical Systems I Moehlis
ME225BB Modeling and Control of Distributed Dynamical Systems (Special Topics) Bamieh

2006b Spring

Number Name Instructor
ChE154 Engineering Approaches to Systems Biology Doyle
ChE255 Methods in Systems Biology Doyle
ECE130C Signal Analysis and Processing (Linear Algebra) Chandrasekaran
ECE147C Control Systems Design Project Hespanha
ECE181A,ME170A Introduction to Robotics: Robot Mechanics Bullo
ECE232,ME256 Robust Control with Applications Smith
ECE249 Adaptive Control Systems Kokotovic
ECE271C Dynamic Optimization: Optimal Control Paden
ME16 Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics Mezic
ME169,ECE183 Nonlinear Phenomena Teel
ME17 Mathematics of Engineering Moehlis
ME225 Principles of Optimization: Convex Optimization Khammash

2006a Winter

Number Name Instructor
ECE130B Signal Analysis and Processing Chandrasekaran
ECE147B Digital Control Systems--Theory and Design Smith
ECE230B,ME243B Linear Systems II Bamieh
ECE236,ME236 Nonlinear Control Systems Teel
ECE247 System Identification Kokotovic
ECE594D Game Theory Hespanha
ME155B Control Systems Design II Paden
ME202 Advanced Dynamics II Mezic