Advanced Topics

Number Title Instructor(s)
ChE255 Methods in Systems Biology Doyle
ChE295,ECE295,ME295,CS592 Control, Dynamical Systems, and Computations Seminar Hespanha
ChE594 Model Predictive Control Rawlings
ECE229 Hybrid Systems Hespanha, Teel
ECE238 Advanced Control Design Laboratory Byl
ECE281B,CS281B Advanced Topics in Computer Vision Manjunath
ECE283 Machine Learning: A signal Processing Perspective Madhow
ME225AF Modeling and Control of Spatially Distributed Dynamical Systems Bamieh
ME225FB Distributed Systems and Control Bullo
ME225SB Systems Biology
ME225SO Pattern formation and Self-Organization Campas
ME245 Modeling and Control of Spatially Distributed Systems Bamieh
ME269 Network Systems Bullo

Computational Methods

Number Title Instructor(s)
ChE211A,CS211A,ECE210A,Math206A,ME210A Matrix Analysis and Computation Chandrasekaran
CS211B,Math206B,ME210B,ChE211B,ECE210B Numerical Simulation Petzold
CS211C,Math206C,ME210C,ChE211C Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations—Finite Difference Methods Petzold
CS211D,Math206D,ME210D,ChE211D Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations—Finite Elements Methods Petzold

Linear Systems and Robust Control

Number Title Instructor(s)
ECE230A,ME243A Linear Systems I Hespanha, Bamieh
ECE230B,ME243B Linear Systems II Hespanha, Bamieh
ECE232,ME256 Robust Control with Applications Bamieh
ECE234 Modeling, Identification, and Validation for Control
ECE594D Fourier Analysis for Engineers Chandrasekaran


Number Title Instructor(s)
Math118A-B-C Introduction to Real Analysis
Math201A-B-C Real Analysis
Math233A-B-C Applied Functional Analysis

Mechanical Systems and Robotics

Number Title Instructor(s)
ECE594D Robot Locomotion
ME201 Advanced Dynamics I Mezic
ME202 Advanced Dynamics II Mezic
ME203 Nonlinear Mechanics Mezic
ME215A Applied Dynamical Systems I Moehlis
ME215B Applied Dynamical Systems II Moehlis
ME225 Dynamical Systems with Symmetries Moehlis
ME225AF Cooperative Control of Robotic Networks Bullo
ME225FB Geometric Control of Mechanical Systems Bullo
ME270A Robot Motion Paden, Bullo

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

Number Title Instructor(s)
ME291A Physics of Transducers Soh
ME292 Design of Transducers Turner

Nonlinear and Adaptive Control

Number Title Instructor(s)
ECE236,ME236 Nonlinear Control Systems Teel
ECE237,ME237 Nonlinear Control Design Teel
ECE247 System Identification Kokotovic
ECE249 Adaptive Control Systems Kokotovic

Optimization and Optimal Control

Number Title Instructor(s)
ECE270 Game Theory Hespanha
ECE271A,ME225AQ Principles of Optimization: Convex Optimization Chandrasekaran
ECE271B Numerical Optimization Methods
ECE271C Dynamic Optimization: Optimal Control Bamieh, Paden
ECE271C,ME254 Optimal Control of Dynamic Systems Bamieh
ME225 Convex Optimization Bamieh

Process Control

Number Title Instructor(s)
ChE230C Nonlinear Analysis of Dynamical Systems Doherty
ChE252 Monitoring Process and Control System Performance Seborg
ChE256 Seminar in Process Control Rawlings


Number Title Instructor(s)
PSTAT213A Introduction to Probability Theory And Stochastic Processes
PSTAT213B Introduction to Probability Theory And Stochastic Processes
PSTAT213C Introduction to Probability Theory And Stochastic Processes

Stochastic Control

Number Title Instructor(s)
ECE235 Stochastic Processes in Engineering Iltis
ECE240 Optimal Estimation and Filtering
ECE248 Kalman and Adaptive Filtering Byl
ECE594D Discrete Time and Hybrid Stochastic Processes Teel
ME225AQ Stochastic Modeling and Control
ME225AV Stochastic Modeling and Control Astrom


Number Title Instructor(s)
ChE152A Process Dynamics and Control I
ChE152B Process Dynamics and Control II
ChE154 Engineering Approaches to Systems Biology Doyle
ECE130B Signal Analysis and Processing (Linear Algebra)
ECE130C Signal Analysis and Processing (Linear Algebra)
ECE141A,ME141A Introduction to MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) Turner
ECE147A Feedback Control Systems - Theory and Design Teel
ECE147B Digital Control Systems - Theory and Design Byl
ECE147C,ME155C Control System Design Project Hespanha, Bamieh
ECE179D,ME179D Introduction to Robotics: Robot Dynamics and Control Byl
ECE179L,ME179L Introductions to Robotics: Design Laboratory
ECE179P,ME179P Introduction to Robotics: Planning and Kinematics Bullo
Engr3 Introduction to Programming for Engineers
ME104 Mechatronics
ME104 Sensors, Actuators and Computer Interfacing Paden
ME106A Advanced Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (replaced by ME155C)
ME125 Nonlinear Geometric Control Paden
ME155A Control System Design I
ME155B Control System Design II
ME16 Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
ME163 Engineering Mechanics: Vibrations
ME169,ECE183 Nonlinear Phenomena
ME17 Mathematics of Engineering
SOC134N Social Movements and Social Networks Friedkin
SOC147 Current Issues in Social Psychology Friedkin
SOC148,SOC294 Social Networks Seminar Friedkin
SOC148MA,248MA Introduction to Social Network Methods Friedkin